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Investigative Consultants, Inc., is headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky and was established in 1996 by Diane Patterson, a Kentucky licensed Private Investigator. Since its inception, I.C.I. has made professionalism, integrity, and honesty the foundation on which it has been built. Because of this, the company has an excellent reputation and is committed to complete and thorough quality service always keeping in mind and giving personal attention to its client's sensitive needs, wishes, and problems.


In February 2014, I.C.I. was purchased by Robert Berberich, also a Kentucky licensed Private Investigator with a wealth of experience working a wide variety of cases and investigations. Diane Patterson remains with the company as a consultant involved in the daily operation. The company has over 25 years of combined experience and thousands of satisfied clients.

Roberty Berberich, Kentucky licensed private investigator   Dianne Patterson - Kentucky Private Investigators and Investigative Consultant

Robert Berberich

Robert is a licensed Private Investigator in the Commonwealth Of Kentucky.  He is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Investigative Consultants, Inc.


Diane Patterson

Diane is the founder of Investigative Consultants, Inc. and a licensed Kentucky Private Investigator. She serves on a daily basis as the consultant to I.C.I.


"I knew there were problems in my marriage, I just had this gut feeling, however, without your help, guidance and personal attention, I would have never made it through this trying time. With your expertise I have been able to get the information I needed to find closure and move on with my life."  - ENLIGHTENED WIFE, Kentucky


Investigative Consultants, Inc. excels in all types of investigations and is the premiere Service Of Process agency for Kentucky and the surrounding areas.  I.C.I. offers prompt, accurate, dependable results as well as personalized service that is unparalelled in our profession.

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Kentucky Private Investigators License: KYPI-0724 (Robert Berberich)

Kentucky Private Investigators License: KYPI-0070 (Diane Patterson)