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Based in Lexington, Kentucky, Investigative Consultants, Inc. is a full-service, licensed and insured private investigation agency serving clients in the state of Kentucky. We provide an extensive range of professional, confidential investigations and related services to attorneys and law firms, businesses and corporations, law enforcement entities, organizations and private individuals. Investigative Consultants, Inc. is widely regarded as the most respected full-service investigative agency in the entire state of Kentucky.

"My children were living in a very abusive situation with my Ex as well as being subjected to circumstances and a lifestyle that was very damaging. Thanks to you and your company, I can finally go to bed with peace of mind." - GRATEFUL PARENT, Lexington, KY.


Whether you are making, the decision for yourself, your family, your unit or your entire organization, choosing the right investigative firm isn't an easy task. By choosing I.C.I., you will not be selecting a run of the mill investigative firm, you can be sure that you've hired the most effective and experienced investigative agency in the state of Kentucky.

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Kentucky Private Investigators License: KYPI-0724 (Robert Berberich)

Kentucky Private Investigators License: KYPI-0070 (Diane Patterson)